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Customer Service Development
Bottom line: We help you create a culture of service excellence.

We assess the strengths and weaknesses in your customer service systems and work with Senior Executives and top-level Managers to define your philosophy, service standards, and service behaviors.

Our consultants work to create programs by:
Understanding your company’s goals and values
Identifying key players to be part of the “service excellence team”
Developing plans for ongoing training and education
Working directly with staff to maintain service standards associated with customer loyalty
Monitoring the impact of service excellence initiatives
IPA delivering results:
A client reported that overall sales had been negatively impacted by “inconsistent” performance among wholesale representatives. IPA found that employees had not been sufficiently trained in the expected approach and were not inspiring customer confidence. As a result, key accounts were underperforming. Customer interviews indicated that some sales reps were “not responsive” to problems and were “not partnering” with their accounts. The Sales Manager was tapped to participate on the “service excellence team.” As part of the company-wide initiative, she worked within her department to solicit input and discuss service behaviors that reflected the company’s core service philosophy. Follow-up analyses indicated a significant increase in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and recorded sales.
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