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Executive Coaching/Leadership Development
Bottom line: We make leaders more effective.

IPA Coaches help leaders identify barriers to desired goals and develop strategies to improve professional effectiveness.

We work with new managers, leaders in transition, and "derailing" executives to deliver extraordinary results. Our coaches consistently measure leadership development against organizational goals to ensure that progress is being made.

We focus on the areas that are key to executive excellence:
Strategy and Execution
Delegation and Supervisory skills
Feedback delivery
Time management, Organization, and Prioritizing
Communication and Professional Presentation skills
IPA delivering results:
IPA was called in to coach a leader who was having difficulty adjusting to changes in the Sr. Mgmt Team. The leader was not hitting the metrics as stipulated by the CEO, and was viewed as being “difficult.” The Executive coach conducted a 360 degree evaluation and used standardized assessments to identify the problems impacting the leader’s ability to deliver the hard numbers. Specific goals were developed from the information collected and short and long term objectives were defined. Within six months, the leader was viewed as a “key player” and was tapped for a promotion within the corporate headquarters.
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